Vision & Values:

Our vision is to multiply communities of people across our area and throughout the city that have missionary purpose, spiritual parents, and predictable patterns of life that are open to others, both those who already follow Jesus and those still on the journey of getting know Him.
In the last year we believe God has spoken to us about ending our two congregations to create one temporary congregation as we unify the whole of our church family (comprising Westwood, Canley, Burton Green and a community in Wood End) in three joint meetings each year.
The plan until September 2017 is to explore:
Where has the Holy Spirit sent us? Who has he made us to be in His image? This is a time of rest and pruning for us, a time of repentance and recalibration. Like Jonah in the whale or Jesus in the wilderness.
If we have been baptised we have been called to be missionary servants of a loving God who lives to get His kids back, we need to find our unique part in that story as those who usher in His Kingdom in Covenant relationship with Him.
 The church has had some amazing pioneer Missional Communities over the last years, some valiant failures and some joyful success. All equally important in our mutual learning.
We have also had faithful cell and home groups in which people have grown, prayed and cared for one another.
During this season we are attempting to open the world of Missional Community to every church member, allowing more diversity in the definition and a more gradual journey into being a Community of people sharing life on a mission in mid-sized groups. We are encouraging the Mission part of the communities to be about either a Place that the group inhabits to be a missionary presence or a Project that the group facilitates or that the group aids each other in reaching People of Peace in their places of work, study or recreation.
 Church can become a consumer affair, it can become ghettoised in age groups or style. Many Christian people fall out over how we worship.
We hope to journey into being sacrificial worshippers, who are primarily there for God’s benefit not our own. Whilst continuing to be family who are each others teachers and trainers, whilst providing a hospital-like space where we care for each others needs and hurts in God’s presence.
Along the way we hope to plant out congregations or ‘Bases’ in specific geographical spaces or amongst specific groups where Missional Communities can band together in mutual support, worship and visible mission. Above all we want to revel in God’s manifest presence and live in unity together.


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