Thanksgiving service May 2016

I was an ordinary person. Then I became a Christian. Now I am an ordinary person who is loved by God and I do my best to love God and to love those around me.

Moving from discouragement with Chinese ministry to being encouraged by what God is doing with Japanese.

Always shy about sharing what God is saying- because I’m worried about what people think. God spoke to me about…

I was found by those who did not seek me – Romans 10:20

Keep my mind open to see the world and reality. Facing difficulty under God’s help and assistance. Keep fighting of your life. More and more faith and believe will come along with you by God’s power.

Discovering God independently as changes have occurred in my life and I have gone on to university. It’s an on-going process and he’s doing great things!

I used to watch porn- now I don’t!

As a difficult early teenager, I had trouble fitting in and having much purpose. After moving to anew area, new church, new community, God started to change my heart and gave me a new outlook on life.

Before I had a relationship with God I didn’t really feel I had a purpose in life. I sometimes felt disbarring and that life was futile. As I have become closer to God I have found my identity. I know ultimately I am a child of God and always loved unconditionally regardless of what I do. This means I have an anchor for my life.

I did not have the best 10 years having parents that did not want me and I was wondering where I belonged and then I got an amazing new Family so praise God for that.

I lost my job, but God keep me peaceful/ confident and provided well before I needed the provision!

I felt a nobody- last picked for football, bottom stream at School. I wanted to prove myself through academic and material success. I Discovered I was loved by God – Following his way, I am confident of my identity in him.

Made in God’s image, free in Jesus, anxious about what people think about me, I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God- I sing the over & over, I feel less anxious about situations, I go to God when I’m in ¬†and place.

God made me. I handled my anger very badly as a child. Jesus has won me on the cross. Holy Spirit has been working in me and teaching me- I feel not that Holy Spirit has healed my from my anger issues.


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