Thanksgiving Service – January 2017

This is a collection of some of the things we are thankful for as a church on our Testimony Sunday which happens every 5th Sunday  during the year. Feel free to have a read of as much or as little as you want.


Change of Mindset

  • Thankful for how God has been teaching me about how He is wanting to work a bad situation for good. I couldn’t see how to fit it but God is being faithful in ways I wasn’t expecting. And although the situation hasn’t changed, God is changing my heart towards it.
  • Being praying about ‘people of peace’ this week. Sitting on the bus chatting to my friend about church, God gave me a real sense that He is going to save my friend some day, however unlikely I think it is.
  • God changed my heart on a couple of interpersonal issues that totally changed the problems. I needed to repent and God showed me how.
  • Thankful that during this week, I experienced some moments of great joy during a downtime emotionally.
  • God has given me peace about retiring this year.
  • God has changed how I spend time with him and helped me rest in him more and not worry about work so much.
  • God has been building my identity in Him, rather than approval of others.
  • Thankful that God is giving me more chances to redefine myself. Through learning more humility, I am learning that my identity is in Christ.
  • God has been there for me despite it being a hard week and has helped me be more open with people.



  • Thankful that God has blessed us with the provision of a house with a spare room so that we can have a lodger live with us.
  • I have been struggling with my accommodation & with the help of some great people from church my issue will be solved soon. I am thankful to God for leading me to Westwood & for meeting all these amazing & warm people. Thank you Lord!
  • I was struggling with finding somewhere to live next year and moving away from friends. But I found out that my mum’s friend’s daughter may have a spare room or knows people that might and are connected to a good church. Praise the Lord!



  • I felt very poorly this morning and couldn’t get out of bed having been ill on and off for a month. I felt the Lord saying “Do it in my strength” and I’m here.
  • I get headaches which wake me up in the middle of the night in pain. My husband prayed and was able to sleep. Thank you God.
  • God sorted a pain in my hip because one leg was longer than the other. He didn’t heal it as such but told me to build up the shoes for the shorter leg with shoe inserts (of which I had a lot) & see, so I did. When I got the right extra depth of inserts in each left shoe, the hip pain went away & I can now walk pain-free again. Praise God!
  • Thank you God that my friend is now out of hospital.


Provision & Good Timing

  • I am thankful, so thankful for my life right now – I keep counting my blessings (& pinch myself!) because God has blessed me so much… with a husband, dream jobs, great house, amazing family & friends, good health, fun extras like a nice camera, spikeball, not to mention yummy food (that my husband cooks!). Seriously though, in my single years I went on a real journey, highs & lows, but as a result, it’s made me even more thankful to God now. GOD – YOU ARE SO GREAT!
  • God has been providing us with cars in a season where we don’t own a car.
  • Thankful for the breakdown that led to my new car and guidance that I needed one.
  • Thankful for the perfect timing around the birth of our granddaughter.
  • Thankful that God is placing His angels around a very ill church member’s bed and that he is filled with hope despite how frail his body is at the moment. I am thankful that God is in control of this situation and that He has placed His perfect peace on his heart.
  • Thankful that our out & about friends were able to join us to go to the cinema together and enjoy their company.
  • I’m thankful that that even though the car took a very long time to work, we managed to get to school on time despite it usually taking double the amount of time it took us to get there.
  • Thankful that God has helped me through a Facebook thread & a book on parenting/ disciplining/ discipling. And I have been able to share this wisdom with other non-Christian friends.
  • Thankful for seeing a YouTube video on the importance of imagination which was recommended by my dad which included how do we love our neighbour if we have lost the ability to imagine how they feel (or might be feeling).
  • Thankful for safe journeys to & from the airport and that our children as a result can spend time with their uncle visiting from afar.



  • I was concerned about having enough work, but God gave two brand new opportunities out of the blue that same week (one of which was the very next day)!
  • Thank you God for providing for my family with work at exactly the right time in the last 7-8 months.
  • I thought I was going to quit my job this week, because I no longer felt I was doing God’s work. A goldfinch landed on my office windowsill – something which has never happened before, somehow, I knew I should stay. Thank you God for the finches.
  • I am thankful for having a lovely work team.
  • I am thankful that problems have been sorted out this week at work.



  • I am thankful for the PSHE time I spent with my tutor group at school – for the opportunity to talk about mental health – its possible causes and things one can do to help each other and ourselves in a Christian context.
  • Thank you for job opportunity to share about Jesus.


Others Things Big & Small to be Thankful For

  • Thankful that we are getting married.
  • Thankful that my friend has passed her viva after a difficult journey.
  • Thankful that my brother got confirmed, after years of praying for him.
  • Thankful that I had a great meeting with my supervisor regarding research.
  • Thankful that God is working through my eldest daughter’s life, who has PTSD.

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