Thanksgiving Service July 2016

We have been facing battle after battle- wife’s illness, mum with cancer, baby illness, and need to move house. But it’s been an opportunity for friends and the church community to bless- very thankful for the church’s support- blessing us  and also loads of other people outside the church! Friendship has gotten stronger through this experience.

Trapped a nerve whilst on pebbles team at New wine (having to bend down all the time). Then got some people to pray fro me and it go immediately better and I was able to be on Pebbles team.

I was part of a really high energy kids club-  during the time I hurt my knee and then got the group to pray for me. Immediately it got better.

2 Years ago I was looking around at universities- felt God was really calling me to Oxford Brookes (lots of signs about it) but I ended up failing As levels and had to do a B-teq for the past 2 years. On Tuesday I opened up my e-mails and it said I’ve been confirmed a place at Oxford Brookes starting in September.

We’v been praying in our ‘thanksgiving prayer’ for cheques in the post- well not cheques, but the other day we got a was of cash through the door. Initially we were angry about it- ‘who thinks we need this money- we don’t NEED it’…

Then within 3 days someone else was in difficulty- and I was one of only a few people who knew that they were in need… what they needed was almost exactly the same amount. I was just able to be a conduit for what God was doing.

Thank you to all my amazing friends for giving me lifts for the last few weeks because my license expired and I hadn’t noticed. I also received £1000 unexpectedly, and my mother in law get a generous gift form someone at church.

At New wine, both me and my husband injured our shoulders- we prayed about it and mine got healed. His didn’t so keep praying!

We had 300 kids at pebbles at New wine- and 191 of them chose to stand up to be friends with Jesus. Lots also stood up to be filled with the spirit. We also had teenagers on team who had been in pebbles when they were younger- and remember standing up as a child and remembered it as being really significant!

I suffer a lot with anxiety and depression- especially a year ago. Sometimes I push myself too hard. I was massively overloaded for 6 months and nearly hit burn out. IN that state I tried to talk to someone about a delicate situation and that flared up and got into trouble- so that set me off. But God has been saying to just sit and rest with him.. and not to worry and God has blessed me in so many ways in spite of a whole heap of awful stuff- God has brough the right work a long and the right people along to help out.

ON the ‘needs/ offers’ board- I wrote down a specific prayer about where we could move house too- near to the church, near to the university, within budget, nice landlord. He has given us all these things! And good neighbours too- as a bonus!

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