Thanksgiving service 31/01/16

Every time there is a 5th Sunday- we have a thangkiving service. Here are all the testimonies and bits of thanksgiving from January. PRAISE GOD!

God has given me friendships when I had none, and close friends as well.


I feel and believe that Jesus is with me all the time; guiding and instructing me; being my friend. Last week He reminded me again of his faithfulness to me which has helped me.


Made work more interesting. Told my mum I wasn’t enjoying things, stopped pretending all was great – next day was told, was changing teams, – much more enjoyable.


God answered my prayer about going to a conference by providing a cut price fancy hotel.


Grandson Joshua had meningitis, we asked for prayers and he was healed.


I decided in September to ask God to keep me in good health all winter. I’ve woken many days feeling ill but asked God straight away for health – relying on him. Every time I’ve been healthy by the time I’m dressed and haven’t developed any illness. It is a journey of depending on God to keep me in health.


God is kind in little ways. Today he slowed the rain down while I was walking Mocha. I noticed it + was encouraged.


God gave me a way out of being double-booked, miraculously, again!


God healed me of depression in a reasonably dramatic way.


We were going for fertility tests & someone prayed for me & that was the 1st week of my pregnancy.


Healed my Grandma ♥♥♥


Thank you for: our treats. Thank you that the church is still meeting in St John’s. Thank you that God is faithful in every circumstance.


I asked for money for the bus couple years back, but God gave me a friend who lent me a pushchair so I didn’t actually need the bus. ->friend ->job


This week I was really seeking God – I wanted to know a plan – & the phrase ‘You don’t have to see the whole staircase, you just need to take the first step’ popped into my head. That very day my devotion bk title was ‘Say yes to God’ – simply say yes. I did. A few days later I have a few more steps of that staircase & I’m excited, with that kind of Holy Spirit bubbling up in you excitement. God is a God of great plans.


Phil’s next placement is in Warwick, which means we don’t have to move house or church or job! Thank you God.

  • Group project, one member didn’t pull their weight
  • I put in God’s hands thru prayer
  • He eventually showed up & we had a fantastic group dynamic ☺
  • Our teachers saw the good teamwork!


I’ve discovered a TV show which helps me unwind after a tough work day. It goes off Netflix tomorrow + I really wanted to watch it. I was in town yesterday + God helped me find it really cheap.


My first marriage was a difficult marriage in many ways. When he died I said that I would never get married again. For 9 years I lived on my own with God as my husband (He had told me He was). But then He decided to bring Mike into my life and things changed, and within 2 years we were married and have now been married for 5 years and are very happy.


How God brought my mother, my stepfather, my father in law and my mother in law into the Kingdom all in the latter months of their lives – when I thought that it was too late! Despite having witnessed to them many times before + given up.


Daily Provision


Thanks that God showed me this week that He has His hand on our youngest daughter (32) who was part of Christian life in her teens but became very disillusioned. She is going through a tough time + God showed me He is with her.


This week after Davids testimony challenge @ morning prayers – spent time soaking each day & got all work done with time to spare! (Never happens!)


  • My Dad was healed of cancer after being told it was terminal
  • My cousin had bronchiectasis and needed a lung transplant – now completely healed.

When I was 16, I developed anorexia. This lasted for about a year during which time I got dangerously thin. I was prayed for at New Wine and God set me free. I have been free ever since.


Testimony. Gods given us our children. In his timing Provided for me with wonderful husband. Reminded this week God is a good father. Verse in bible about turning His face towards us His face shining on us.

Thank you God for putting Ana and me together! Thank you for loving me and wanting a relationship with me. Thank you for lovely prayer time with Rueben.


We are thankful that God put us where we can be salt and light to our flatmates. God’s put us in the right place when we didn’t know where to go.


God healed me from Hayfever.


God has sustained and upheld me through a difficult family situation – with daily answers to prayer – texts, conversation, protection + wisdom!


I prayed for a man who had been cheated out of his passport + all his money. He was in England with no friends, money or place to go. I prayed for him + he felt God’s presence for the first time (I also helped practically).


I already shared this on the student group but last week I was in Thornbury at church and an old lady came up to usasking she needed a hymn book, we said no, pointed to the projector. She told us she came to that church 60 yrs ago and now at 70 she’d come back.


I have always suffered from stage fright yet yesterday in a concert, God blessed me, despite crying beforehand I played a solo in front of the audience and it could not have gone better. The concert took place in a church in Leamington, so God’s presence was clearly there.


At New Wine I went a workshop on Bible Art Journaling. It has really changed my relationship with God and His word, now I am always looking in my bible to find a verse that I can journal and praying lots more too.


Gods Provision People coming into my life at the perfect timing. Eg

  • wonderful brother in Christ at Uni
  • My Wife.
  • My own blood brother coming to Christ.
  • For our children – Guidance at right time.


Healing of leg so painful the man couldn’t stand on it a week later he walked for five hours Christmas shopping after being prayed for.


We are thankful for:

  • Promise
  • Stability
  • Joy
  • Love & relationships
  • Work
  • Alpha course
  • Theo’s birth
  • & everything else comfort


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