• Exciting News!

    We are delighted to announce that Reverend Gareth Irvine is to be the next Vicar of St. Laurence Foleshill.

     Gareth writes:

    “In 2012, Jenny and I were ordained as Pioneer Ministers with Saint Aidan’s, with the vision of planting and developing communities of discipleship & mission to the North Coventry estates. We started 5 years ago as curates in Wood End, and have been immensely blessed and challenged by all that we have seen God do and the challanges that exist in urban mission. We continued to be lovingly and practically supported by members of the wider Westwood family, where we have belonged since 2000.

    In the last year, I have been working part time as an Acceler8 Leadership Development Worker with the Diocese based at St John’s where my primary focus has been leading Form Coventry, which ended in June. Jenny has been based at St Chad’s Wood End, which also ended this summer.

    Around Christmas last year, we began to sense that God was preparing to move us for the next stage of our calling – still to be in Coventry working in the north of the city, but working more closely together as one family unit out of a local church.

    In July, I was interviewed, offered and accepted the job to be the next Vicar of St Laurence Foleshill, an evangelical church very close to where we currently live with a strong emphasis on mission and discipleship. The previous incumbent, Rev. Mike Cleeveland and his wife Mel, have just retired this week after 25 years of faithful and fruitful ministry.

    We are really looking forward to working out the next season of our calling as part of the wider family of churches in this city. Please pray for us and for the other members of the Saint Aidan’s community in the coming weeks.

    We will be joining Mike & Sarah Ashelby and others at the ‘Sending Out Sunday’ at St. John’s on Sunday 10th September when the Hammonds return from their sabbatical. David & Caroline have known about the potential of this move for a little while and have been fully supportive of it!

    Thank you all for your friendship, love and support. If you have any questions or want to find out more about St Laurence’s, please get in touch – gareth@stlaurences.org.”


    Gareth will be finishing his role at St. John’s at the end of September and will be licensed at St Laurence’s on Thursday 12th October at 7.30pm – to which you are all warmly invited! More details will follow. Please pray for Gareth, Jenny, Jessica & Caleb as they prepare to move home and start in this new role as a family together.

  • Thanksgiving Sunday – April 2017

    Every 5th Sunday we have our Testimony Sunday, in April we recorded some of the things people were thankful for during the service. Feel free to have a listen to as much as you want and be encouraged!

  • Thanksgiving Service – January 2017

    This is a collection of some of the things we are thankful for as a church on our Testimony Sunday which happens every 5th Sunday  during the year. Feel free to have a read of as much or as little as you want.


    Change of Mindset

    • Thankful for how God has been teaching me about how He is wanting to work a bad situation for good. I couldn’t see how to fit it but God is being faithful in ways I wasn’t expecting. And although the situation hasn’t changed, God is changing my heart towards it.
    • Being praying about ‘people of peace’ this week. Sitting on the bus chatting to my friend about church, God gave me a real sense that He is going to save my friend some day, however unlikely I think it is.
    • God changed my heart on a couple of interpersonal issues that totally changed the problems. I needed to repent and God showed me how.
    • Thankful that during this week, I experienced some moments of great joy during a downtime emotionally.
    • God has given me peace about retiring this year.
    • God has changed how I spend time with him and helped me rest in him more and not worry about work so much.
    • God has been building my identity in Him, rather than approval of others.
    • Thankful that God is giving me more chances to redefine myself. Through learning more humility, I am learning that my identity is in Christ.
    • God has been there for me despite it being a hard week and has helped me be more open with people.



    • Thankful that God has blessed us with the provision of a house with a spare room so that we can have a lodger live with us.
    • I have been struggling with my accommodation & with the help of some great people from church my issue will be solved soon. I am thankful to God for leading me to Westwood & for meeting all these amazing & warm people. Thank you Lord!
    • I was struggling with finding somewhere to live next year and moving away from friends. But I found out that my mum’s friend’s daughter may have a spare room or knows people that might and are connected to a good church. Praise the Lord!



    • I felt very poorly this morning and couldn’t get out of bed having been ill on and off for a month. I felt the Lord saying “Do it in my strength” and I’m here.
    • I get headaches which wake me up in the middle of the night in pain. My husband prayed and was able to sleep. Thank you God.
    • God sorted a pain in my hip because one leg was longer than the other. He didn’t heal it as such but told me to build up the shoes for the shorter leg with shoe inserts (of which I had a lot) & see, so I did. When I got the right extra depth of inserts in each left shoe, the hip pain went away & I can now walk pain-free again. Praise God!
    • Thank you God that my friend is now out of hospital.


    Provision & Good Timing

    • I am thankful, so thankful for my life right now – I keep counting my blessings (& pinch myself!) because God has blessed me so much… with a husband, dream jobs, great house, amazing family & friends, good health, fun extras like a nice camera, spikeball, not to mention yummy food (that my husband cooks!). Seriously though, in my single years I went on a real journey, highs & lows, but as a result, it’s made me even more thankful to God now. GOD – YOU ARE SO GREAT!
    • God has been providing us with cars in a season where we don’t own a car.
    • Thankful for the breakdown that led to my new car and guidance that I needed one.
    • Thankful for the perfect timing around the birth of our granddaughter.
    • Thankful that God is placing His angels around a very ill church member’s bed and that he is filled with hope despite how frail his body is at the moment. I am thankful that God is in control of this situation and that He has placed His perfect peace on his heart.
    • Thankful that our out & about friends were able to join us to go to the cinema together and enjoy their company.
    • I’m thankful that that even though the car took a very long time to work, we managed to get to school on time despite it usually taking double the amount of time it took us to get there.
    • Thankful that God has helped me through a Facebook thread & a book on parenting/ disciplining/ discipling. And I have been able to share this wisdom with other non-Christian friends.
    • Thankful for seeing a YouTube video on the importance of imagination which was recommended by my dad which included how do we love our neighbour if we have lost the ability to imagine how they feel (or might be feeling).
    • Thankful for safe journeys to & from the airport and that our children as a result can spend time with their uncle visiting from afar.



    • I was concerned about having enough work, but God gave two brand new opportunities out of the blue that same week (one of which was the very next day)!
    • Thank you God for providing for my family with work at exactly the right time in the last 7-8 months.
    • I thought I was going to quit my job this week, because I no longer felt I was doing God’s work. A goldfinch landed on my office windowsill – something which has never happened before, somehow, I knew I should stay. Thank you God for the finches.
    • I am thankful for having a lovely work team.
    • I am thankful that problems have been sorted out this week at work.



    • I am thankful for the PSHE time I spent with my tutor group at school – for the opportunity to talk about mental health – its possible causes and things one can do to help each other and ourselves in a Christian context.
    • Thank you for job opportunity to share about Jesus.


    Others Things Big & Small to be Thankful For

    • Thankful that we are getting married.
    • Thankful that my friend has passed her viva after a difficult journey.
    • Thankful that my brother got confirmed, after years of praying for him.
    • Thankful that I had a great meeting with my supervisor regarding research.
    • Thankful that God is working through my eldest daughter’s life, who has PTSD.
  • Thanksgiving Service – October 2016

    This is a collection of some of the things we are thankful for as a church, feel free to have a read of as much or as little as you want.


    Just at the Right Time

    • I was due to preach on the following Sunday on Paul and Silas and the Philipian jailer. I read through the story with a child so we could think about the story and talk about what it meant. We talked a lot about how being a Christian doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen to you but that God is with you in the dark and difficult times and that He can enable you to be ‘singing hymns’ and praising God even in the darkest prison. The following day the same child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In the hospital he remembered what we had talked about and recognised that God was with him.
    • We made a financial investment after much time & prayer about it, it all seemed a bit last minute with needing money to come through but we prayed and the money came into our account on the same day as the investment was outgoing.



    • Our baby was breech but after prayer by a friend, the baby had turned to the right position in time for the next check up so no need for scans or interventions.
    • I always experience VERY painful ear ache when taking flights. We prayed and I experienced no pain on the outward or return flight.
    • Thank you Lord for completely healing my nephew after a head injury in the pool!
    • My friend was diagnosed with lymphoma & immediately started on a course of chemotherapy. He then had a heart attack too. We started praying for him. They inserted a stint to fix the heart and told him to rest (difficult for him). But the Lord gave him patience to recover his strength & determination to do what he was told (difficult for him). This week I visited him & was told that his latest scan was clear (no visible lymphoma). We rejoiced at the good news and acknowledged God & the NHS in his case.
    • I’ve had a bad back recently, really painful & disturbing my sleep & not able to sit for very long. After prayer from our group & others it’s much better than before.
    • Thankful that our young granddaughter is starting to learn to stand despite huge medical difficulties.
    • Thankful to God for our baby & that He is being a hero in the ongoing process of healing damage.
    • Through friends God has led us to Westwood – it is an oasis and at the moment, a place of healing and restoration after a very difficult and upsetting 18 months.
    • Thankful for people praying for me when I had two cataract operations. Everything is now fine.



    Healing Relationships

    • I am really thankful for how God has improved my relationship with my mum. It got to a point where things were really difficult and I just wanted to give up and break contact. But I prayed and got lots of people around me to pray and a few days later, things had totally turned around. She’s being much more supportive of me and my faith, which at times she has been very dismissive of. I told her in the past about wanting and being called to be a vicar in the future and also was dismissive of that. She’s now really supportive.
    • Thankful that there is a new team at work, working well together after serious problems a year ago. One person said it was “the most functional team I have ever worked in.
    • Thankful to God that He has improved a difficult friendship.


    God Breaking Fear & Lack of Confidence

    • Thankful that God has been freeing me from the fear of what other people might think (about my choice, actions, my children etc.). He has been showing me his graciousness and that he loves me unconditionally.
    • Thank you God for giving me the strength to do things I’m terrified of, and peace when every bit of me is anxious and wants to run away.
    • Thankful that God continues to support me in my workplace by giving me certainty about my abilities when praying.
    • Thank you God for giving me faith and confidence in my own abilities at times when I doubt myself.


    Missional Communities

    • Someone I know finally ‘got it’ and decided to start a missional community after years of looking in from outside. God can seem to be a long time coming but when He does act, He can be so much speedier and more effective than us humans.
    • We are starting on a journey as an MC with people brought to us by God. Thank you God for building relationships, that we are enjoying each others company & supporting each other through difficult times with healing and restoration. This is the start of something bigger, deeper and more out reaching!
    • Thankful that we can bring people together to explore the possibility of being community together – sharing a meal once a month & joining together for a prayer breakfast once a month.
    • Thankful for a new member from another church who has joined our missional community which is bringing freshness to us all.
    • Thank you God for growing our missional community with new students exploring the church, getting to know us and sharing fellowship!
    • Thankful that our missional community is working well.


    Other Missional Success

    • Thank you God for introducing a person of peace in our lives who we can share your gospel with.
    • Thankful to God that my friend is now reading the Bible.


    Provision of Family, Friends & The Church

    • We are without a car at the moment, God has looked after us through people’s generosity. When we have needed a car, people have offered us theirs to borrow, we thank God for this.
    • He puts the lonely in families” Leading and arriving new can be a lonely place. God has taught & provided us with community, a family, friends & fellow travellers and we are learning to grow up and become a family on a mission with God at the centre.
    • I am thankful for having my family around me, especially my brother who defeated cancer a couple years ago. I frequently remember how thankful I am to God for this blessing in our life.
    • Thank you God for my husband and for my daughter who was a direct answer to my question to God. Thank you also for my missional community where I can share issues.
    • Thankful that God has kept my ex-foster children in my life who all visited this week.
    • God told us to foster. To pour love into these children until it overflowed. This has blessed them & our lives.
    • Thank you God for close friendships which have been a real blessing to help through broken times and for how much better a member of the church who is in hospital has been.
    • Thank you Lord for giving me a wonderful earthly father. And thank you that although he is now gone to be with you, his memories, and the things he did, live on, teaching me about you.
    • My sister got a new roommate who is a Christian which is a real answer to prayer!
    • Thankful for being able to care for my dad with dementia and thankful that the majority of the family having an involvement in the process of getting him to a place where he will be looked after.
    • Thankful for good friends through hard times, along with their prayers and God showing love & kindness in many ways.
    • Thankful to God for sustaining & energising us through the transition from Park to the Westwood base; for a hunger to see more of Him at work in my life & those around us and for God’s sustenance, protection and growth of families & their ministries.
    • Thankful for being able to take my elderly mum on holiday abroad. Thankful for being able to look after my father in law & thankful for the safe arrival of a baby, who was suspected to be an unhealthy baby and was nearly terminated.
    • God has given our family a period of peace & stability in which we’ve been refreshed and been able to bless others.


    Provision of Houses

    • Thank you Lord that you are the God who provides. Thank you for our new home, a place of peace, rest and refreshment. Thank you for a wonderful new parish, neighbourhood and good neighbours who love Jesus and have been good to us.
    • My mum moved house. It seems simple in itself but had massive breakthrough in God’s presence and movement in the process. Mum moved from a broken house, where for her and us as a family, there was a lot of spiritual chains/ strongholds over our life. We had to offer this all to God and depend on him. He did come through. My mum sold her house quickly and the move worked smoothly too. God’s amazing.
    • I am thankful for our new home and the amazing connectivity there is around us for buses, trains, cycling, walking, shops. I am also thankful for the number of trees in this part of Coventry and for my family and friends.


    Provision of Time, Finances & Work

    • Thank you God for my new paid part time secondment role. Thank you God for letting me come to the UK and have wonderful time here. Thank you for letting me meet nice people through Westwood Church, for providing me a nice play to stay and encouraging me to try new things.
    • Thankful for provision of money, getting unexpected funds, a tax rebate; and thankful for the generosity of family.
    • Thank you God for the opportunity and making time available this year to do Form this year.
    • Thank you God for giving me the health to complete my training such that I could afford to do Form and then provided me with a job I enjoy and that pays well too.
    • Thank you God for my new job, redundancy pay in the transition period, an amazing 30th party, my health, having opportunities to bless and for fulfilled promises.
    • Thankful that the DVD bit in the TV  has been fixed. The children’s dad was made redundant & I’m also thankful that the redundancy money & help from the family meant we lasted the two months it took for him to get a new job.



    Provision at University

    • I’m thankful to God for helping me to get into university. My A level results did not meet the entry requirements, but I was still offered a place at my first choice uni. It was nothing short of a miracle.
    • I am a mother and a wife, God has managed to take me back to university, something that I thought would be impossible, with His grace, I am now doing my second year. Also we are new in this branch of Church of England, God promptly sent us here as a family and we are very pleased to be part of this church.
    • I’m thankful for all my safe travels and moving into uni smoothly. I prayed that I would be with the right people and my housemates are great.
    • Thank you God for the house I’m living in, and the friends I’m with. I also thank you for the uni course I’m doing, that you help me with my work.
    • Thank you Lord for the scholarship & this opportunity to do a masters and for having a great supervisor who looks out for me! Thank you God also for a good church!
    • Thank you Lord for university and that I’ve found a place and a church which accepts and encourages me. I’ve had an amazing time so far.
    • I am thankful that my degree is going really well. I am getting on well with other students and professors, and am really enjoying the course.
    • I’m thankful to Lord for this precious life. I’m thankful for all the grace & blessing in my life, my family, friends & work. I’m thankful to Lord for bringing me to the UK for my studies in the Warwick Business School.
    • Thank you God for helping me settle into uni & finding a good church.


    God’s Faithfulness

    • After years of praying and waitingit is finally time for me to move back to Coventry. Housing and work opportunities came really easily – God’s hand is all over this plan, and it is beautiful to see Him at work.
    • God has given me a strong sense of His presence in a life that is much changed. In the last five years as a widow with a house move and family difficulties (which he has healed one aspect of this). God is good – what would I do without Him & all the Christian support. Praise; praise Him.
    • Thank you God for being a great provider, healer and strength.
    • Thank you God for waking up every morning and being able to attend church.
    • I am thankful that God has been beside me and given me strength over the past few months.


    Momentous Occasions

    • Thankful that I got engaged!
    • We are thankful that we having a baby!
    • I went to the wedding of two of my friends yesterday. It hasn’t been an easy ride for either of them, and it was wonderful to be at their wedding and seeing how much God has done in their lives, and how many prayers have been answered.
    • Thankful for a wonderful ‘big birthday’ celebration with our family & friends – all following the Lord – with children being brought up and nourished in the faith.
    • Thankful that our grandson has passed his ‘passing out’ parade in the army.


    Other Blessings:

    • Thank you God for opportunities to make cakes to share with people.
    • Thank you for a fun family weekend.
    • I am thankful for all the travel opportunities God has given me this year & hope to experience many more in the immediate future.
    • Thank you God for the half term holiday!


    A Great Thought to End With

    • This morning God reminded me that it is a blessing to do what you don’t want to do. God provides things that make it good.
  • Thanksgiving Service July 2016

    We have been facing battle after battle- wife’s illness, mum with cancer, baby illness, and need to move house. But it’s been an opportunity for friends and the church community to bless- very thankful for the church’s support- blessing us  and also loads of other people outside the church! Friendship has gotten stronger through this experience.

    Trapped a nerve whilst on pebbles team at New wine (having to bend down all the time). Then got some people to pray fro me and it go immediately better and I was able to be on Pebbles team.

    I was part of a really high energy kids club-  during the time I hurt my knee and then got the group to pray for me. Immediately it got better.

    2 Years ago I was looking around at universities- felt God was really calling me to Oxford Brookes (lots of signs about it) but I ended up failing As levels and had to do a B-teq for the past 2 years. On Tuesday I opened up my e-mails and it said I’ve been confirmed a place at Oxford Brookes starting in September.

    We’v been praying in our ‘thanksgiving prayer’ for cheques in the post- well not cheques, but the other day we got a was of cash through the door. Initially we were angry about it- ‘who thinks we need this money- we don’t NEED it’…

    Then within 3 days someone else was in difficulty- and I was one of only a few people who knew that they were in need… what they needed was almost exactly the same amount. I was just able to be a conduit for what God was doing.

    Thank you to all my amazing friends for giving me lifts for the last few weeks because my license expired and I hadn’t noticed. I also received £1000 unexpectedly, and my mother in law get a generous gift form someone at church.

    At New wine, both me and my husband injured our shoulders- we prayed about it and mine got healed. His didn’t so keep praying!

    We had 300 kids at pebbles at New wine- and 191 of them chose to stand up to be friends with Jesus. Lots also stood up to be filled with the spirit. We also had teenagers on team who had been in pebbles when they were younger- and remember standing up as a child and remembered it as being really significant!

    I suffer a lot with anxiety and depression- especially a year ago. Sometimes I push myself too hard. I was massively overloaded for 6 months and nearly hit burn out. IN that state I tried to talk to someone about a delicate situation and that flared up and got into trouble- so that set me off. But God has been saying to just sit and rest with him.. and not to worry and God has blessed me in so many ways in spite of a whole heap of awful stuff- God has brough the right work a long and the right people along to help out.

    ON the ‘needs/ offers’ board- I wrote down a specific prayer about where we could move house too- near to the church, near to the university, within budget, nice landlord. He has given us all these things! And good neighbours too- as a bonus!

  • Thanksgiving service May 2016

    I was an ordinary person. Then I became a Christian. Now I am an ordinary person who is loved by God and I do my best to love God and to love those around me.

    Moving from discouragement with Chinese ministry to being encouraged by what God is doing with Japanese.

    Always shy about sharing what God is saying- because I’m worried about what people think. God spoke to me about…

    I was found by those who did not seek me – Romans 10:20

    Keep my mind open to see the world and reality. Facing difficulty under God’s help and assistance. Keep fighting of your life. More and more faith and believe will come along with you by God’s power.

    Discovering God independently as changes have occurred in my life and I have gone on to university. It’s an on-going process and he’s doing great things!

    I used to watch porn- now I don’t!

    As a difficult early teenager, I had trouble fitting in and having much purpose. After moving to anew area, new church, new community, God started to change my heart and gave me a new outlook on life.

    Before I had a relationship with God I didn’t really feel I had a purpose in life. I sometimes felt disbarring and that life was futile. As I have become closer to God I have found my identity. I know ultimately I am a child of God and always loved unconditionally regardless of what I do. This means I have an anchor for my life.

    I did not have the best 10 years having parents that did not want me and I was wondering where I belonged and then I got an amazing new Family so praise God for that.

    I lost my job, but God keep me peaceful/ confident and provided well before I needed the provision!

    I felt a nobody- last picked for football, bottom stream at School. I wanted to prove myself through academic and material success. I Discovered I was loved by God – Following his way, I am confident of my identity in him.

    Made in God’s image, free in Jesus, anxious about what people think about me, I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God- I sing the over & over, I feel less anxious about situations, I go to God when I’m in  and place.

    God made me. I handled my anger very badly as a child. Jesus has won me on the cross. Holy Spirit has been working in me and teaching me- I feel not that Holy Spirit has healed my from my anger issues.


  • Thanksgiving service 31/01/16

    Every time there is a 5th Sunday- we have a thangkiving service. Here are all the testimonies and bits of thanksgiving from January. PRAISE GOD!

    God has given me friendships when I had none, and close friends as well.


    I feel and believe that Jesus is with me all the time; guiding and instructing me; being my friend. Last week He reminded me again of his faithfulness to me which has helped me.


    Made work more interesting. Told my mum I wasn’t enjoying things, stopped pretending all was great – next day was told, was changing teams, – much more enjoyable.


    God answered my prayer about going to a conference by providing a cut price fancy hotel.


    Grandson Joshua had meningitis, we asked for prayers and he was healed.


    I decided in September to ask God to keep me in good health all winter. I’ve woken many days feeling ill but asked God straight away for health – relying on him. Every time I’ve been healthy by the time I’m dressed and haven’t developed any illness. It is a journey of depending on God to keep me in health.


    God is kind in little ways. Today he slowed the rain down while I was walking Mocha. I noticed it + was encouraged.


    God gave me a way out of being double-booked, miraculously, again!


    God healed me of depression in a reasonably dramatic way.


    We were going for fertility tests & someone prayed for me & that was the 1st week of my pregnancy.


    Healed my Grandma ♥♥♥


    Thank you for: our treats. Thank you that the church is still meeting in St John’s. Thank you that God is faithful in every circumstance.


    I asked for money for the bus couple years back, but God gave me a friend who lent me a pushchair so I didn’t actually need the bus. ->friend ->job


    This week I was really seeking God – I wanted to know a plan – & the phrase ‘You don’t have to see the whole staircase, you just need to take the first step’ popped into my head. That very day my devotion bk title was ‘Say yes to God’ – simply say yes. I did. A few days later I have a few more steps of that staircase & I’m excited, with that kind of Holy Spirit bubbling up in you excitement. God is a God of great plans.


    Phil’s next placement is in Warwick, which means we don’t have to move house or church or job! Thank you God.

    • Group project, one member didn’t pull their weight
    • I put in God’s hands thru prayer
    • He eventually showed up & we had a fantastic group dynamic ☺
    • Our teachers saw the good teamwork!


    I’ve discovered a TV show which helps me unwind after a tough work day. It goes off Netflix tomorrow + I really wanted to watch it. I was in town yesterday + God helped me find it really cheap.


    My first marriage was a difficult marriage in many ways. When he died I said that I would never get married again. For 9 years I lived on my own with God as my husband (He had told me He was). But then He decided to bring Mike into my life and things changed, and within 2 years we were married and have now been married for 5 years and are very happy.


    How God brought my mother, my stepfather, my father in law and my mother in law into the Kingdom all in the latter months of their lives – when I thought that it was too late! Despite having witnessed to them many times before + given up.


    Daily Provision


    Thanks that God showed me this week that He has His hand on our youngest daughter (32) who was part of Christian life in her teens but became very disillusioned. She is going through a tough time + God showed me He is with her.


    This week after Davids testimony challenge @ morning prayers – spent time soaking each day & got all work done with time to spare! (Never happens!)


    • My Dad was healed of cancer after being told it was terminal
    • My cousin had bronchiectasis and needed a lung transplant – now completely healed.

    When I was 16, I developed anorexia. This lasted for about a year during which time I got dangerously thin. I was prayed for at New Wine and God set me free. I have been free ever since.


    Testimony. Gods given us our children. In his timing Provided for me with wonderful husband. Reminded this week God is a good father. Verse in bible about turning His face towards us His face shining on us.

    Thank you God for putting Ana and me together! Thank you for loving me and wanting a relationship with me. Thank you for lovely prayer time with Rueben.


    We are thankful that God put us where we can be salt and light to our flatmates. God’s put us in the right place when we didn’t know where to go.


    God healed me from Hayfever.


    God has sustained and upheld me through a difficult family situation – with daily answers to prayer – texts, conversation, protection + wisdom!


    I prayed for a man who had been cheated out of his passport + all his money. He was in England with no friends, money or place to go. I prayed for him + he felt God’s presence for the first time (I also helped practically).


    I already shared this on the student group but last week I was in Thornbury at church and an old lady came up to usasking she needed a hymn book, we said no, pointed to the projector. She told us she came to that church 60 yrs ago and now at 70 she’d come back.


    I have always suffered from stage fright yet yesterday in a concert, God blessed me, despite crying beforehand I played a solo in front of the audience and it could not have gone better. The concert took place in a church in Leamington, so God’s presence was clearly there.


    At New Wine I went a workshop on Bible Art Journaling. It has really changed my relationship with God and His word, now I am always looking in my bible to find a verse that I can journal and praying lots more too.


    Gods Provision People coming into my life at the perfect timing. Eg

    • wonderful brother in Christ at Uni
    • My Wife.
    • My own blood brother coming to Christ.
    • For our children – Guidance at right time.


    Healing of leg so painful the man couldn’t stand on it a week later he walked for five hours Christmas shopping after being prayed for.


    We are thankful for:

    • Promise
    • Stability
    • Joy
    • Love & relationships
    • Work
    • Alpha course
    • Theo’s birth
    • & everything else comfort


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