This Sunday, St. John’s will be back in the building. We’re not yet fully functional so we wanted to give you a heads up about what to expect this week. David has described us as being in sight of the promised land, but definitely not there yet!

Here are some things to be aware of:

  • The toilets, entrance and welcome area are still very much a building site. For the next month or so, we will be entering church through the old porch. I’m sorry to announce that we won’t be running any tours of the site – you’ll just have to be patient and see the work when it’s finished! Given that we will have the big doors open, it is likely to be cold in church so I would recommend wearing an extra layer or two.
  • This week, we’re rotating the chairs by 90 degrees to experiment with the space and see if we can create some more comfortable space for the smallest members of our congregation. We won’t necessarily stay in this orientation – we just want to see if it works!
  • There will be a temporary toilet solution in place for the remainder of the building work. The location of the portaloos will be decided when they get delivered, but the Welcome and Stewarding teams will be ready to point you in the right direction. We will keep the Shack warm and unlocked so that it can be used for baby change. Please do bring a changing mat with you.
  • Due to minimal access to the kitchen, tea and coffee will only be served at the end of the service. To minimise washing up in our current slightly adverse circumstances, it would be really helpful if you could bring a travel mug to use. If you rely on your morning coffee from church, you could even bring your travel mug full of something warm to keep you going during the service!

Above all, please let us be gracious and kind to one another on Sunday. Things are likely to be a bit tricky and uncomfortable, and we are trying to work out the best possible ways of doing things over the coming month whilst the building work is ongoing. I would be really up for hearing any creative solutions that you might have!

I’m praying for you, and very much looking forward to meeting together as family again.


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