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Our next Gathering will be at Pentecost- on the 15th May from 2pm. The main Gathering event will involve worship, prayer and mission activities for our whole church in the Cathedral ruins and will replace all services around our church on 15th May.

There is also opportunity to join in with loads of Pentecost activities- with 10 days of prayer leading up to the weekend, and events over the whole weekend. Jump to the different events here:

The Gathering Prayer Week Pilgrimage Beacon Event Hope Events

Your Kingdom Come:

Your Kingdom Come Logo

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are inviting the whole Church of England to join them in a week of prayer for the evangelisation of our nation from Ascension to Pentecost.

“Jesus Christ calls every person to follow him. As Christians it’s our duty and joy to share that invitation. That’s why the Archbishops of Canterbury and York are inviting every church in England to join a week of prayer this Pentecost, from 8-15th May — let’s pray for every Christian to receive new confidence and joy in sharing this life-transforming faith.”

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Coventry Prayer House:

The Coventry Prayer house will be open to book, or just to turn up throughout the week- with prayer stations set up throughout the house to walk around. There will also be various opportunities to join in with events hosted at the prayer house throughout the week. Find out more here:

Pray for 5 Friends:

During this time from Ascension to Pentecost we’re encouraging everyone to commit pray for 5 friends.

Praying for others to know Jesus is one of the most powerful things we can do; persistent prayer for others brings transformation to their lives.

Consistently praying for others takes discipline, and there are many ways that we can build up habits that will help us to pray for our friends and family.

Choose five people you would regularly like to pray for and write their names down onto a list. If you’re not sure who to pray for, ask God to guide you as you choose. Once you have settled on 5 names, commit to praying for them regularly.

Ways to Pray

Coventry Pilgrimage: Cloud and Fire

Coventry Pilgrimage LogoDuring this time from Ascension (cloud) to Pentecost (fire)- everyone is also invited to spend time walking on a physical pilgrimage. There is a choice of five routes in the north, south, east, west and centre of the diocese. The “Coventry Way” route includes a stop at Burton Green Village Hall.

Find out more Guide to the Pilgrimage Letter from Bishop Christopher

Hope Pentecost Events:

logoOver the Pentecost weekend, there is loads going on in Broadgate, including a Friday youth event with Mike Pilavachi, a festival style birthday bash and evening worship event.

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The Gathering:

Our own summer Gathering will take place on Pentecost Sunday- 15th May.

We will gather in the Cathedral ruins at 2pm, have a short act of worship and commissioning and mission & prayer activities around the city for the whole family.

We will gather back to the Cathedral at 4pm for tea and cake where we will be joined by churches from around the Diocese, and then you are welcome to join the Beacon activities happening there afterwards which will start with open air Baptisms (including people from our churches getting Baptised).


2.15pm- Gather in the Cathedral Ruins
2.30pm – Worship & Commissioning
3pm – Blessing the City
4pm – Gather back in the Cathedral Ruins for Tea & ‘Pentecost Bake-off’
(Everyone bring cakes to share with each other- and with those joining for the Beacon Event. Drinks will be provided)
5pm- Anyone who is able will join the Cathedral Beacon Event. (This will include Baptisms and Confirmations. If you would like to get baptised of confirmed please contact

Beacon Event:

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After our own Gathering event everyone is invited to join in with the Coventry Cathedral Beacon event.

There will be worship from Noel Richards, a live link address from Arch Bishop Justin Welby, input form 24-7 prayer, baptisms and confirmations and hundreds of people from around the midlands joining in.

The event is FREE but it would help them if you register:

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