Saint Stephen's


We are closely linked with St. Stephen’s, Canley- who are just around the corner from Westwood. David Hammond is the Priest-in-charge of St. Stephen’s and we work closely together on mission and strategy.


Key Relationships:


THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND: We are Anglican church- part of the Church of England in the Evangelical Charismatic tradition. Within the Church of England we are part of Coventry Diocese and share a purpose to Worship God, Make disciples & Transform communities.



KAIROS CONNEXION: Kairos Connexion is a network of churches and leaders who have committed to travel together on a journey of mission and discipleship. We share a calling to ‘see our nation transformed by the gospel through a movement of missionary disciples’.



THE ORDER OF MISSION: The Order of Mission is a spiritual family on mission together, bound together by vows, a Rule of Life and common practices for discipleship and mission. The Order of Mission is inspired by the monastic movements of previous eras that have so often been the tip of the sword for revival and awakening in the church at large.

We are particularly linked with Saint Aidan’s- a community of The Order of Mission:

Saint Aidan's

SAINT AIDAN’S: Saint Aidan’s is a community of young adults originally sent out from Westwood- living in Wood End (North Coventry) who follow Jesus and share in his adventures.


ACCELER8: Acceler8 is a vision to see churches throughout the Diocese of Coventry invest in growing new disciples, leaders & communities with a focus on those in their 20’s-30’s.  It’s supported through a strategic team of Leadership Development workers who are based in churches that are deemed to have a significant role to play in their parish or deanery in encouraging a new generation of Jesus followers.  At Westwood, Gareth’s current focus of this role is by developing disciples & leaders through Form, our year long discipleship journey.

Find out more about Form


Mission Partners:

 Jenny Powell – Mercy Ships

My name is Jenny Powell. I have been a regular attender at Westwood since 2013. I am working as a volunteer ward nurse with Mercy ships based. I have been aboard the African Mercy in Cotonou, in Benin for 3 months, working as a nurse on the general surgical ward of the hospital. I have been able to work with people from all over the world who staff the ship in many different jobs to allow free surgery to be provided to the people of Benin. I am really enjoying my time here!

I have been able to nurse both adults and children following a wide range of different surgeries from hernia repairs, removal of various tumours from all over the body to cataract surgery on children. It has been wonderful to see Gods work in all that is done on the ship. It’s a honour to spend time with the patients playing with children or talking with the adults via translators and to see them recover from their operations. It’s a privilege to witness the patients being able see themselves the first time after a removal of a tumour or being able to move their arm again after a contracture release from a burn. They have such joy as well as a little disbelief that they are healed.

Life on the ships is very different from at home and did take a little getting used to. I have had to get use to a different way of nursing and working in, as well as living in, a much smaller space than I am used to. This has had its challenges at times but also taught me new ways to nurse. It has been really enjoyable to be being able to live in a community with many different people, living as well as working with them. The Christian ethos of the ship creatives an amazing environment to live in.

The ship is only in Benin for two more months. Please pray for all the patients and their families that come to ship during this time and for the life changing surgeries that will happen, and that the surgery for each patient will be successful. Thank God for the time I have been able to spend here, that I have been able to nurse the patients and for being able to settle well into the life on the ship.



Aiming to “build peace through partnership”, CORD works in both East Africa and East Asia. They focus on helping people groups in countries previously torn apart by violence, rebuilding relationships as well as finding sustainable ways out of poverty.



OMF aims, through God’s grace, to see an indigenous, biblical church movement in each people group in East Asia who evangelise their own people. The Diaspora Returnee Ministries Team works with Chinese, Japanese and Thai students studying in the UK, discipling them and helping them connect back into church in their home country. We support Andrew Smith, based in Coventry.


Mission Partners: Alex & Alfredo Leon

Working in every region of the world, OM aims to motivate and equip Christians to share God’s love and to strengthen and plant churches, especially in areas where Christ is least known. We support Alex & Alfredo Leon, and their 3 young children with OM in Ecuador. Alfredo uses his skills in development work and mobilising mission activity; and Alex now teaches EFL at an international school.

 Kidz Klub Coventry

Kidz Klub are passionate about sharing God’s love with unchurched children in a fun, interactive and relevant way. They serve the most deprived areas of Coventry, supporting children, families and communities. They are delighted that ‘many of our volunteers and staff members are part of Westwood church.’


Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor are a Christian organisation who run a range of events to help young people, youth leaders, and those in their 20s and 30s develop and deepen their relationship with Jesus.



IRIS Ministries, Mozambique:

Heidi and Rolland Baker are at the forefront of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Mozambique and South East Africa that has seen thousands come to Jesus. Iris trains indigenous pastors, and has a special heart for children.


Coventry City Mission

Coventry City Mission (CCM) has been based in the Wood End area for over 30 years, and is committed to serving the needs of Coventry people wherever they live. CCM aims to be the heart and hands of Jesus, showing love and acceptance, seeking to build relationships – regardless of age, status or background as they offer support with practical, emotional or spiritual needs.


Coventry Youth for Christ

Coventry Youth for Christ has long had links with Westwood. It exists to support, equip and empower young people, working in partnership with local churches and community groups.


Coventry Prayer House

Coventry Prayer House is a centre for prayer and worship for the city of Coventry, run by local churches. They are normally open 7 days a week by prior arrangement. As they don’t always have a host available, they advise that you book a slot by contacting the team, especially before bringing a group to pray, and they will aim to arrange a host for you.


Coventry Foodbank

Foodbank provide a minimum of three days’ nutritionally balanced, non-perishable tinned and dried foods that have been donated by the local community. They have worked with nutritionists to develop a food parcel that contains sufficient nutrition for adults and children, for at least three days of healthy, balanced meals for individuals and families.



Fusion aims to equip and inspire for a life of mission and discipleship at University, connecting students to the heart of local churches and encouraging those local churches, with Westwood being one of those churches!


The Light House Christian Care Ministry

“A listening ear when life is hurting”. The  Light House is a Coventry based, Christian counselling service in response to all areas of need, irrespective of race, gender etc. Counsellors are either fully trained or in the final stages of training.



Westwood Mission Bursaries

We love it when people have the heart to take special time out to explore what mission means both here in the UK and abroad. The length of time you may be involved will vary, and the financial cost to you will vary. But we are happy to consider a bursary towards the cost. Bursaries are usually £100-200. When it is time for you to go, we’d love to pray for you in a service and hope that you might keep us aware of how it’s going.

If you are considering this, talk it over first with someone you respect and who knows you well. Then have a word with Jerry Marshall or Rosie Ayton.

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