Thank you so much to everyone who has given towards the toilet project!

We’ve raised almost £15000 between us to upgrade the facilities, which is amazing. Thank you for your generosity towards this, I’m sure we will all enjoy spending some time here in the future…


What happens now?

“Why hasn’t anything happened yet!?” we hear you cry.

Well, we started moving forward with the project but there are several reasons that work won’t actually begin for a while.

  • There is an opportunity to bid for matched funding (i.e. another organisation could give us another £15k towards the project) but this wont be available until later in 2017.
  • We are waiting on Balfour Beatty (contractors at the university who have offered to do work for us for cost price) so that we can start negotiating how much of the project they are able to do and to start talking design and specifications.



Yes the work is still going to happen but hold your horses – it will be a while before any work can actually commence!

Once again, thank you for your generosity and patience!




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